Just Be It! Healthy & Fit Program Curriculum

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  • proven teaching strategies
  • field trip workshops
  • activities for the classroom
  • informative worksheets & charts
  • cooking activities & recipes
  • best practices food safety
  • comprehensive nutritional guidelines
  • preventative health information
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New Mexico Public Education Department Standards and Benchmarks, Social Learning Theory and Health Belief Model, Tips for Safe Classroom Cooking


Student Resources, Teacher Resources, Publicity Tools


Workshop Set-up and Organization, MyPyramid, Vary Your Veggies and Focus on Fruits, Fun with Food Facts, Power Up with Exercise


  1. Food Safety
    Fight Bac Video Activity; Germ Detective; Soapy Solutions Hand washing Activity; Safely Separate - Cross contamination; Seeing is Believing; Store Foods Properly; Microwave Safety; Move It! Fitness Activity; Mini Kabobs Snack; Mini Quiz; Parent Newsletter

  2. Food Guide Pyramid
    Build a Healthy Diet; MyPyramid Basics; Food Nutrients, How Many Servings Do We Need?; MyPyramid Grocery Store; Make a Meal Relay; Paper Plate Pyramid; Make a Favorite Food Pyramid; Three Dimensional Pyramid; MyPyramid Matching Game; Parent Newsletter

  3. Power-Up with Exercise
    The Three Forms of Exercise; Safety, Warming up and Cooling Down; Pedometers, Logging Your Steps; Be Cool with Water Activity; Dance Pads; Start a Classroom Walking Club; Calories In, Calories Out; Parent Newsletter

  4. Grains - Whole or Not?
    Health and Nutrient Benefits; Label Detective, Breakfast Cereals; Where are the Carbs?; Fiber Experiment; Grain Obstacle Course; Grain Mini Quiz

  5. Milk Anyone?
    Health Benefits and Nutrients; Rate the Milk; What's on the Label?; The Merits of Milk; Bone-Up on Calcium; Yogurt Parfait Snack; Parent Newsletter; Milk Group Quiz

  6. Meat and Beans Group
    Health Benefits and Nutrients; Where's the Fat Activity; Don't Spill the Beans Activity; Muscle Chart; Stretch Band Strength Activity; Trail Mix Snack; Protein Word Search

  7. Vivacious Veggies
    Health Benefits and Nutrients; Stone Soup Story; Vary Your Veggies and Focus on Fruits; Steps to a Healthier You; Veggie Identification; Veggie Ad Campaign; Potato Races; Crunchy Vegetable Burrito Banditos

  8. Fabulous Fruits
    Fruit Fly Bingo; Comparing Labels; Applesauce Taste Test; Fruit Basket Upset; Fruit Leather

  9. Fast Food or Fat Food?
    Are There Any Good Fast Food Choices?; Fast Food Consumer Decision Making; Fat Facts, Compare Solid Fats to Oils; How to Calculate Percent Calories from Fat; Another Where's the Fat Activity; Eat, Move, Learn Activity; Parent Newsletter

  10. Diabetes Prevention
    Diabetes Prevention; About Type 2 Diabetes; How Diabetes Affects the Body; Diabetes Vocabulary Game



Resources: National Health Promotion Campaign Weeks and Events, Evaluations, Web Based Games, Sample Letter and Permission Slip for Classroom, Cooking Projects, Additional Recipes for Classroom Use

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